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Design & Planning

Why Is Space Planning In Interior Design Important? Space planning ensures a room can be used to its maximum potential. The process ties the beauty and comfort of a space together. Without space planning, you can end up with a poorly designed space that is awkward and even frustrating to be in.

3D Modelling

3D interior design is the representation of a fully furnished and decorated room including lighting, textures and materials from a 3D perspective. It gives the idea to the client about how his home is going to look.

Electrical Works

Whether it is a newly constructed residential project, an addition of an extension or a renovation project, we offer detailed electrical service for all of the types.

Civil Works

Civil Work is primarily that work which is fixed to the house and cannot be changed easily. It includes tiling, bathroom renovation, breaking any walls, fixing the kitchen platform, electrical work, etc.

Furniture Designs

Furniture design is a specialized field that combines utility and style. It adds not only functionality and utility to a space, but also style and personality.

Material Selection

Material selection is the act of choosing the material best suited to achieve the requirements of a given application.

Wall Paintings & Wallpapers

All homes have flaws and imperfections. Walls often have dents, dings, and marks from the use of your home over time. Having your home's interior painted removes those imperfections and can make your home look refreshed and clean. A new paint color for your interior can also modernize your home.

False Ceiling and Lighting Work

It provides the best camouflage for electrical wiring, ducts and pipes meant for cooling and heating devices, lighting fixtures, sprinklers and so on, giving the ceiling a neat, homogeneous look. A false ceiling is the best way to introduce ambient lighting into a room.

Modular Kitchen

The very essence of a modular kitchen lies in its efficiency. By intelligently organizing various cabinet styles, units, and kitchen accessories, they help you maximize the available storage and free area in your kitchen. This way, you get the most out of your given space.

“Our main aim is to understand our client's requirements and help them to fulfil their dreams .”

Prachi Joshi


Refine Ur Home

We are Interior designing firm that provides services to Mumbai, Panvel, Thane, Uran, Navi Mumbai ensuring highest quality of services.

Our experienced team will match your design expectations within your budget. We help our clients with enough transparency as our aim is to make them achieve peace by seamlessly executing project, no matter how large or small it is. 

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